043 – June status update

It’s June 30th 2022 and probably a good time to do a status update within the 100 posts project. It 3pm and I am about t

042 – intentionally controlling what’s meaningful and courageously going all-in with it

Feeling like in the mood of writing. Loads is going on around me and because of its nebulosity and accumulation it is increasi

041 – living the fundamental Quality loop

The craft-ship mindset, that’s what’s on my mind today. Craft on multiple dimensions– objects– experie

040 – confidence hiding under susceptibility to achievements

Some say that you don’t need a niche, but just need to be prolific, to create a lot, in order to find content that reson

039 – what I want to see more of

Today I am going to continue from a post that I wrote yesterday. The post intended to journal about two questions and to refle

038 – what I see around

Today I want to journal about two questions. In attempting to answer these two questions I want to reflect about what I value

037 – identity and spaces

Death and rebirth is the continuous cycle of the human psyche. My body and my identity are both dying a little bit every day,

036 – letter to posterity: life and tech

This is a letter to posterity, an artificial occasion for me to convey whatever I think is most important to record before the

035 – Self-trust

A > What’s up? Z > Nothing is up. What do you want to know? A > I want to know what’s present for you? Z > Good qu

034 – wanting priorities

Optionality, options, things to do, things that can be done, I could keep write this list of things over and it would keep gro

033 – conflict

This moment, as any other one that I have experienced, can evolve into so many different directions. Of this, what’s int

032 – defences against being oneself

Greed is life best and worst trait. I watch it constantly seek more and feel torn apart by its relentlessness. I watch it turn

031 – confusing itchy freedom

I have a feeling that something is not clicking and I don’t know what it is. It is a strange feeling. I don’t know

030 – surfacing deep desires

Today, I want to reflect about desires. Yesterday, when I was landing in Tenerife from Glashow I noticed that I have been feel

029 – giving space to specific whats that energise me

Tonight I intend to write down my observations of my reality during the past few weeks. I start by asking myself a question: w

028 – hard and meaningful are not correlated

I wrote as many 1000 words introspective posts as many years I have lived. Why do I have to try so hard to live well, to do th

027 – serious AND playful

Today, I feel like I have been swallowed by life. If you imagine life being this big worm that crawls around, I feel like I wa

026 – Taking up responsibility for others unleashes a powerful creative energy

Some days there is just too much happening, too many feelings and thoughts, that cannot feet in your head. And if it cannot fi

025 – Accepting the simplicity of my desires and healing from discipline trauma of not having been accepting that

It is a Sunday of mid December and life feels sweet. Almost as it never did before, even if it did. I feel integrated and whol

024 – my map needs unconditional trust to guide

The night is out there surrounding me which makes my thoughts all too fragile but also all too vivid, like flesh peaking out f

023 – Nerds make lists

Before diving deeper into lists, I feel like there is something more worth digging into my thoughts. What is it? I don’t kno

022 – I am a city and a minotaur lives inside of it

I am a city, inside of me there are many people, with different quirks and personality, with different needs and trades, with

021 – I love mellow energies

Streams of consciousness are everywhere, they surround us from all possible directions and angles. It is quite incredible that

020 – being different as a consequences of widely sampling the probability space of experience

And if there were many things to think about then there would have been many things to think about all along the way. And if t

019 – prince of the little actions

Days pass, emotions pass, struggles pass: everything eventually passes. A bit harsh, but true. And I am here in the midst of t

018 – what the sage and the jester have in common

And here it comes another day, started with a very nice walk in the cold Glasgow’s Botanic Gardens. I didn’t pay m

017 – I am both Sisyphus and Odysseus

So what are my stories? I think don’t think they are particularly resonant as of now because I have not been paying atte

016 – Lots to celebrate. Fear as alarm clock and seeking a perfectionism-caring partnership.

I feel odd. I have a mix of different feelings that I cannot easily tell apart. I feel both good and bad at the same time. Wha

015 – numbers are great servants but terrible overlords

I want it so badly. I am trying so hard. I need to make progress. I must make progress. Argh, why am not making progress! Why

014 – Five playful vibes

Tonight is a game night: we are playing vibing. Vibing is a simple game. Every round one participant allows a vibe to emerge a

013 – Trusting myself to take care of myself

I have noticed that sometimes I have unmet needs for myself. There are multiple parts to it. It is a mix of: trusting that I a

012 – Being present to my environment, people, self and reality (requires non-doing)

What has been present for me lately? Enviroment I have set up for myself a very empowering living and working space in Glasgow

011 – Rocky is waiting

Jonh: Hi there, how are you? Rocky: Hi Jonh! I am, mmm, hard to say how I am. Jonh: What makes it hard? Rocky: I am feeling so

010 – When I am struggling to find a solution often is because I don’t really need a solution but just some love and encouragement

Every day I ponder about what to do. That pondering is not in a vacuum. It is based on a specific model of reality, which hing

009 – The three social media problem

I want to capture some reflections on my experience of using social media. Currently, I am living in a period of minimal in-pe

008 – Two days

Today was Saturday, September 18th, 2021. It is 23:34 and this day is about to end. This morning I spend almost 5 hours in the

007 – Buzz, buzz and buzz

Today I want to explore writing a stream of consciousness and see what comes out. I like short paragraphs of one sentence only

006 – Number 83010283912023

Dear, I approach writing this letter with timid apprehension. I fear that my experience and expressive abilities may not live

005 – My World And This World

Late at night, My World knocked at the door of This World who opened the door in his nightgown, showing his annoyance by yawni

004 – The Sapir-Whorf hypothesis

Recently I re-watched Arrival, one of my favourite science-fiction movies. This time, after watching the movie I decided to be

003 – Overcoming purpose anxiety

The lovework feeling I am feeling like challenging myself to do something useful and fun. It feels similar to wanting to go fo

002 – Clear writing, clear thinking

Writing is painful because is precise. For the same reason, it is very helpful. When thoughts are swimming around my mind they

001 – I can’t define my words

Here are some words meshed together by me. Starting from the basics: what are these things I am mashing together? What are the